Get The Patch To Fix MCE Timebomb In Vista 5270

For everyone trying out the Windows Vista 5270, you might have realized that it failed to work after January 1, 2006. Microsoft released a patch but you had to be a member of Connect in order to get it. The patch has finally been posted for other people, who aren’t members (not posted by Microsoft of course). This patch will fix your Media Center Edition (MCE) issues that you are experiencing.

Some people have claimed that it does not work, while others say that it does work. It could be possible that some people did not follow the directions correctly. Here is what Microsoft has posted for instructions (The download links are located after the instructions):

Update to Resolve Expired Notification When Launching Media Center in Windows Vista December 2005 CTP32bit (English)

Date/Time Posted
2006-01-05 19:25:34 (UTC)

en_MC_Patch_windows_vista_ctp_december_2005_32bit.exe Self-Extracting Executable

File Size
1 MB

SHA-1 Hash

If you try to open Media Center or access any Media Center functionality in the Windows Vista December 2005 CTP, the following notification will display: This Trial Version has Expired and Can No Longer Be Used.

Please install this update to enable use of Media Center and Media Center functionality in Windows Vista December 2005 CTP.

Important: Only install this update on the Windows Vista December 2005 CTP. This update will break all previous versions.

This self-extracting compressed file contains the entire product contents. Click on the Download link to download the file. Save the file to a temporary folder (Example: C:\TEMP). After download is complete, run the file to extract the setup files into a temporary folder (Example: C:\TEMP\SETUP). When the extraction is completed, the compressed file can be erased to free up space. You can now install the software by starting the setup program (Example: C:\TEMP\SETUP\SETUP.EXE). Note: the actual setup program name will vary.

Download For 32-bit Vista
Download For 64-bit Vista
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