Get To Know Google With The Google Cheat Sheets

With all of the services that Google has sometimes they are hard to remember. They have a ton of search operators that can be used as well as helpful services like converting between units.

That is where the Google Cheat Sheets come into play. They offer all kinds of details about Google and the services they provide. The sheet also tells you the different URLs for their most popular (and some unknown) sites. It is definitely something that will be nice to keep on your desk for a quick reference, even if you don’t use anything on there except the search operators.

Some things are also thrown on there just for amusement, like Google’s enormous list of domains or some of the sites they have created for pranks (like Google Romance). Something that I had not seen before is a list of the few sites that actually have a PageRank of 10!

The file is available as a PDF but you can preview the two pages as an image if you just want to see the content.

Download The 2 Cheat Sheets From