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Twitter is taking the world by storm, and because of that we’re seeing a flood of third-party apps becoming available. One that recently caught my eye was the Adobe Air-powered TweetBubbles, which isn’t designed to be your typical Twitter client. In fact, you can’t even post to Twitter with it. How’s it useful then?

During presentations or events people tend to have a projector set up that will be used to go through some slides. Before the presentation starts the screen normally just sits there blank or maybe on the first slide, and the same thing happens again for intermissions. With TweetBubbles you can capture your audience’s attention by pulling in related Twitter posts by filtering according to keyword. When a match is found a chat-like bubble will appear around the edge of your desktop showing off the tweet that was recently posted.

There are some obvious flaws to this. The big one is probably that you don’t have much control over the contents of the tweets that show up. Once people at the conference see the keyword filter you’re using they could instantly post something that is inappropriate. The good thing is that you’d know who posted it… unless they prepared ahead of time by creating a Twitter account that doesn’t personally identify them.

As far as settings go you can only configure a handful of things like the keyword/hash you want to filter by, how transparent you want the bubbles to appear, and whether you want them to appear on the left, right, or both sides of the screen. That’s pretty much it.

So I’m not sure how many people will actually use an app like this, but I think the concept is awesome. It would surely keep your audience engaged even during “down time” in your presentation, which is something that could otherwise be difficult to do.

TweetBubbles Homepage (Freeware)
[via Technix]