Shock Aero One of Vista’s most notable features is the Flip-3D for switching between open applications. A free program, called Shock Aero, has stepped up to offer similar functionality for Windows XP users!

Shock Aero will assign itself to the Windows+Tab hotkey (which is not customizable), and when that key combination is pressed the Vista-like Flip-3D will be initiated for your full viewing pleasure. You can then use the hotkey to flip through the windows just like with Alt+Tab, or you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse. There’s also a System Tray icon which will activate the Flip-3D when you left-click on it.

This isn’t really a configurable application, which you might see as a big downside. Really the only option that it has is switching between a Flip-3D window layout or a more Mac-like grid layout (often referred to as Exposé).

The best thing is that a portable version is offered that contains just the executable and a configuration file. You can therefor test this out without installing anything…gotta love that!

Shock Aero (for Windows 2000/2003/XP)
Source: Freeware Genius & Appaholic

Note: If Shock Aero sounds familiar that might be because we recently wrote about another free program created by the same company called Shock Desktop.