IphonegoldMany people are anticipating the arrival of the iPhone, and we all know that it’s expected to be released mid-June.  But, why plan on getting a normal iPhone when you could get a 14 Karat solid gold iPhone? Where can you get one? eBay of course!

The gold iPhones aren’t the only ones available on eBay, but they’re probably getting the most attention.  The seller has 101 feedback with a 99% positive rating.  While his feedback score is good, there’s really not much to go off of. Especially because his listings are all private, and no one knows what the feedback was for.

He’s got the 4GB model selling for $9,500 on a buy-it- now, and he had the 8GB model selling for $10,000, however it says that this one was sold.  The buyer’s ID has been kept private, but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone created an account for the purpose of buying the phone with no intent to pay.

The items were just listed today because part of eBay’s policies regarding pre-sales are that the seller must guarantee that the item will ship within 30 days from the start of the listing.

I’m having a real hard time believing that this listing is legitimate, but you never know. Why you’d want a solid gold iPhone is beyond me! Maybe because you’d be the only one with it??

eBay Listing 1
eBay Listing 2

The good news for those of you who don’t want to get a solid gold iPhone is that Apple execs are saying that they’re confident that the product will be shipping on time, and that they will be able to meet the initial demand for the phones.

Apple has their goal set high — they’re hoping to sell 10 million units within the first twelve months of sales which would give them 1% of the mobile market.

Keep in mind, Nintendo also said that they were prepared for the demand of the Wii, and look where they stand today. Until the iPhone actually launches, no one will really know if Apple is prepared to meet the demand.