If you recently ordered a Dell computer, you may of realized that you didn’t get any of your operating system CD’s with the computer. When you were checking out, it asked you if you would like them with your computer, but they were going to charge you for them right? Well you don’t need to pay for these because they will give them to you for free. I recently emailed them regarding this issue because I wanted the CD’s in the event that I needed them. I had made up the following story in the email that I sent to them:

Good day,
I recently placed an online order for a Dell desktop computer, my order number is XXXXXXXXX. I have had the computer for about two months now, and I have gotten a virus. I need to reformat my computer because I have tried system restores and everything but to no avail, however I didn’t realize that I didn’t receive any of the software CD’s needed. From what I’ve gathered, I need the following CDs:
1) Operating System
2) Application: For Reinstalling Dell Tools System Software
3) Drivers and Utilities

Could these please be shipped to me?

I received a response from them after approximately a day and they were sent overnight to me FREE OF CHARGE. Hope this helps some other people out there.