Firefox seems to be doing a lot lately to promote themselves, and why not? From commercials and wallpapers, stickers and t-shirts, Firefox promotion is in full swing. The latest promotion is their Multipage Firefox 2007 Calendar with three different formats. The first is used for months January – April, and features the Firefox crop circle (a project from the Linux User Group at Oregon State University).  The second picture is used for months May-August and comes from their recent commercial competition.  It’s titled “This is hot!” The third picture is for months September-December and is the classic Firefox logo. All three are pictured below.

Another way to spread the Fox is with their year-long calendars that you could hang up at your office, classroom, etc.  There are two different versions of those; ‘dark’ and ‘fire.’ All you have to do is download, and print, and you’re ready to go. Those too are pictured below.

Finally, there are lots of different Firefox wallpapers out there that you can use. We’ve written about several different options — links are below! Enjoy :)