Lifehacker just got done putting together a great guide on supercharging your Gmail account. They mostly cover things like Greasemonkey scripts that you can use, but throw in a few other things, too. They also mention a Firefox extension they created that incorporates almost all of the scripts so that you don’t have to worry about having Greasemonkey installed.

Better Gmail

The extension is called Better Gmail and lets you pick and choose which of the scripts you would like to enable, and has the following to choose from:

  • Attachment Icons (homepage) – adds icons that match the filetype of the attachments on an email.
  • Attachment Reminder (homepage) – this looks for different variations of the word “attach” in the body of your email. If it finds the word attach it will check to make sure you added an attachment to the email.
  • Conversation Preview (homepage) – makes it so that you can right-click on the title of an email in your Inbox to see a preview of the email’s content. This is a really cool feature.
  • Filter Assistant (homepage) – helps create a filter based on the currently selected email.
  • Label Colors (homepage) – colors your labels so that they stand out more.
  • Macros (homepage) – adds a lot more keyboard shortcuts that make managing the emails even easier.
  • Saved Searches (homepage) – if you find yourself repeatedly searching for the same things in your Gmail account this will be a great script for you. It creates a one-click solution for replicating that search.

Gmail is a tool that I use everyday and some of the tools people create really extend the functionality. I actually think that Google should offer some option for their services where people can choose scripts to add to their account. They could create a page similar to what the Google Personalized Homepage has for selecting modules, but make it so users can go through and pick from scripts that people have uploaded…or even add their own.

Download the Better Gmail Firefox Extension