GIMP 2.4Gimp 2.4 is on the verge of being released. Right now it is in the release candidate stage with all the new features being complete and the API is frozen. All that’s left is a few bugs and some minor changes and we’ll be seeing a whole new GIMP!

GIMP was in dire need of a makeover, and so is their current website. Don’t worry, there is a new site ready for the launch of GIMP 2.4! The release notes for version 2.4 is still being worked on, but here is an overview I put together of what’s new in the upcoming version:

  • Refreshed look with new default icons (pictured above). I must say that it looks a heck of a lot better!
  • Scalable brushes let you dynamically change the size of the brush.
  • Advanced selection tools let you select items even more precisely. You can now select using a rounded-corner rectangle and even have it be antialiased.
  • Improved color picker lets you choose colors from anywhere on your screen, and not just in the picture your viewing.
  • Fullscreen editing lets GIMP utilize the full size of your monitor.
  • Improved cropping tool makes cropping an image more natural.
  • Layer alignment tool makes it easier to specify the position of your layers.
  • Startup speed and applying filters is much faster.
  • and many more bug fixes and few other features!

Below is a screenshot of the new GIMP running on Vista, and in the left-most window you will see the new selection tools:

GIMP 2.4 Preview
Click to Enlarge

If you’re wanting to try out GIMP 2.4 RC1 you’ll need to compile the source code. Windows users can always download GIMP 2.3.19 if they want to get a taste of what it’s like, and this was the last preview version released before the number was rolled over to 2.4. As seen in the release notes there were only a few bug fixes in 2.3.19 before they jumped to 2.4, so you won’t be missing too much.

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  1. I though 2.4 was going to have single window GIMP as shown in this mock up


    Also on GIMP Wiki – []

    Devs talk about making GIMP into one window. Personally i think it looks crap with all different toolbars. I see it as GIMP needs a option to have the single window option to increase there user base


  2. Cool, going to check it out.

  3. Well, at this point GIMP 2.4 still has separate windows. I would like to see it all combined into one though.

  4. Single window option for sure would enhance GIMP usability. Still, can’t complain about performance enhancements either.

  5. How about a holding window, within which the windows move around, like Photoshop CS3 on Windows?

  6. Sumesh wrote:
    How about a holding window, within which the windows move around, like Photoshop CS3 on Windows?

    I would be okay with something like that. They just need something so that you can move all of the windows around at the same time.

  7. It seriously would be lovely to see GIMP’s windows being combined together like in ps cs4, maybe it’ll but what if it is the GIMP’s style, well if it’s style then I’m going to say it is crap, but over all if it’ll gain simillar interface as PS CS4 it’ll become a very powerful tool stronger than all adobe ps cs versions. and best of luck in developing it, I know how dificult it is to program an application like GIMP and well known Blender, that I use for my art projects. best for developing it and I’ll be waiting for a version that’ll finaly bring the motivation in itself.

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