Remember that Give 1, Get 1 program that the One Laptop Per Child organization launched? It started on November 12th and was set to end on November 26th, however it’s been extended. Either the program was extremely successful so they decided to see how much longer they could take it, or not many people bought them and they still have lots of laptops that they’d like to sell. Now you have until December 31st to make the $400 purchase. You pay $200 for a laptop to keep, and another $200 for a laptop that’s sent to a developing country.

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard much around the web of people buying them. That of course doesn’t mean that people really aren’t buying them, I just haven’t heard anything. Here I thought there’d be a lot of hype surrounding this laptop but there really hasn’t been much. Maybe if they sold them at Best Buy the day after Thanksgiving and handed out tickets, more people would be interested? :)

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