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When making a website or application, one of the things designers want to focus on is the look and feel of the buttons used. After all, it is one of the things that users will be interacting with the most. A program like Button Shop can take some of the pressure off your shoulders by making it super easy to design amazing buttons that fit in well with your website or program.

Once you run the program, you’ll quickly recognize the familiar Office 2007-style interface which helps make button creation process both intuitive and easy. Prior to this review I hadn’t used this app before, but it took only minutes for me to understand the layout and begin customizing the look of the buttons.

Curious what Button Shop is actually capable of? Take a look at their example page that showcases over 30 different designs they were able to create using the program.

Here are some of the features that make Button Shop so great:

  • Create Vista, XP, or Mac-style buttons
  • Over 150 templates and 50 different textures are included
  • Various button effects:
    • Mirror/reflection
    • Glowing
    • Pulsing
    • Grayscale
    • Shadows
    • Gradients
    • and More!
  • HTML and JavaScript code generation… just copy and paste onto your website
  • Supports various types of images: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, EXIF, WMF, EMF, ICON and even Animated GIF and Animated TIFF

Button Shop Homepage

-The Giveaway-

We have 10 licenses to Button Shop (valued at $39.95 each) to giveaway today! All you have to do is drop a comment below providing both your name and email address in the appropriate fields. We obviously need your email address for contacting you in the event that you should win. Believe it or not we’ve actually had winners in previous giveaways get randomly selected, but since they didn’t provide an email address we had to pick someone else.

Just as with all of our giveaways we will be using a random number generator to determine the winners. For this round here is how we’re going to give out the licenses:

  • 1 winner will be picked from comment numbers 1 through 5
  • 9 winners will be picked from comment numbers 1 through however many comments there are.

Entries for the giveaway will be accepted up until December 11th at 7:00PM Central Time.