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Last year MediaMonkey was among the most requested software package that we gave away, and so they were more than happy to help out with a giveaway once again this year. Over the last year they have made a lot of improvements to MediaMonkey 3.0 to make it both more stable and also add support for even more devices.

Just one month ago the MediaMonkey team announced that version 3.0.6 now supports syncing with the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch v2. This news is huge considering how many people have expressed frustrations with not being able to manage the iPhone and iPod Touch outside of iTunes. The icing on the cake would have to be the fact that you can backup/copy media from your iPhone or iPod, which is something iTunes doesn’t allow.

The free version of MediaMonkey will let you do all of the great things that you would expect from a media manager, such as organizing and renaming media in your library. The Gold version, however, takes it a step further by adding some even more awesome features.

  • Manage Multiple Music Collections
    Filters and views allow large music libraries to be segmented into sub-collections such as Classical Music, Kids Music, or Contemporary Music, each configured with custom views and playback rules.
  • Automatic Library Monitoring
    Use the File Monitor to automatically update your music library to reflect any changes on your hard drive. Additions, deletions, and changes to your music made by other applications are all automatically reflected in your library.
  • Advanced Auto-Playlists
    Create advanced Auto-Playlists which automatically generate a music mix to suit your mood, which can then be synchronized with Portable Devices. For example, you can choose to sync a random subset totalling 256 MB of music that match a defined set of criteria. This will help keep the media on your device fresh when you’re not able to fit your entire library on it.
  • Auto-Conversion and Volume Leveling
    Auto-conversion allows you to automatically sync or burn tracks no matter what format they’re in, converting tracks on-the-fly to a format that is supported by your iPod/iPhone or other portable device or CD/DVD player, while retaining all metadata. Auto-conversion can also convert tracks to lower bitrates to make more effective use of the limited storage capacity on a portable device.
  • Advanced Search Functionality
    Find tracks according to almost any criteria that you can think of. Search for Composer, Year, Beats per minute; find Lyrics, etc.
  • Sleep Timer
    Use a Sleep Timer to play your music, gradually fade it over a set period of time, and then turn off your PC.

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-The Giveaway-

We have 5 licenses to MediaMonkey 3.0 Gold (valued at $19.95 each) to giveaway today! All you have to do is drop a comment below providing both your name and email address in the appropriate fields. We obviously need your email address for contacting you in the event that you should win. Believe it or not we’ve actually had winners in previous giveaways get randomly selected, but since they didn’t provide an email address we had to pick someone else.

Just as with all of our giveaways we will be using a random number generator to determine the winners. For this round here is how we’re going to give out the licenses:

  • 1 winner will be picked from comment numbers 1 through 5
  • 4 winners will be picked from comment numbers 1 through however many comments there are.

Entries for the giveaway will be accepted up until December 11th at 7:00PM Central Time.