Multiplicity Animation

Do you have some computers in your home or at work that don’t get used as much as they should? After all, we can only use one computer at a time, and many users have one computer that they have handpicked to answer to their every need.

You might be surprised to find out that you can actually make use of several computers without sacrificing the ease-of-use that you get by keeping everything self contained on one computer. An application by Stardock called Multiplicity will let you share a single mouse and keyboard between several different computers after you complete the brief setup process. Multiplicity will even configure the Windows firewall automatically so that it’s one less thing you have to do.

Multiplicity Setup
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To use Multiplicity all you have to do is move your mouse from one computer/monitor to another. It will feel like you are using a single computer because of how seamless the transition is, but in reality each monitor is connected to its own computer. There are a lot of reasons that I can think of where this would be useful, such as…

  • If you have a laptop and desktop at home. You’ll be able to make use of both computers (maybe just use your laptop for instant messengers and web browsing while you play a game on your desktop).
  • If you have multiple desktops at work. You can use each computer for something different, which is really great for processor-intensive applications such as photo and video editing.

What would a utility like this be without being able to share clipboards between the computers? With Multiplicity you can actually copy and paste text or images from one computer, and then go and paste them onto another computer. If you purchase Multiplicity Pro you’ll even be able to copy and paste files and folders from one computer to another!

Multiplicity will let you customize some important aspects of the application, such as hotkeys that can be used to switch between the various machines. If you wish you can also set it up so that the displays not currently in focus will slightly darken, thereby making it easier for you to see which screen your mouse is currently on. Pretty cool, huh?

Multiplicity Settings
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–The Giveaway–

We have 1 license of Multiplicity Pro (valued at $49.95) to giveaway today! All you have to do is drop a comment below providing both your name and email address in the appropriate fields. We obviously need your email address for contacting you in the event that you should win. Believe it or not we’ve actually had winners in previous giveaways get randomly selected, but since they didn’t provide an email address we had to pick someone else.

Just as with all of our giveaways we will be using a random number generator to determine the winners. For this round here is how we’re going to give out the license:

  • 1 winner will be picked from all of the comments submitted.

Entries for the giveaway will be accepted up until December 4th at 5:00PM Central Time.