These days, it’s all about social networking and messaging. utilizes a flash-based 3D avatar product, and it works by using a picture of a person, and their voice. Gizmoz will most definitely become a magnet for MySpace users and the like who will flock to avatar creators such as this. It also works with most messenger services like Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, AIM, MSN Messenger, and Google Talk.  Avatars are most commonly used  with messenger clients, forums, and social networking sites, and is a graphic of your choosing that you display. Not only can you create your own 3D Avatar, you can also create E-cards, and watch a collection of user generated talking heads videos.

Gizmoz’s vision, and mission is to add “emotional fun to personal digital communication, across all platforms and by that, change the face of your personal communication experience.” They’re all about self expression and giving an “eye-popping new twist to your social networking and personal messaging experience with fascinating, highly emotive animated headz that â€