GMail Adds Features For Composing Emails

It appears that Google is releasing a few more new features to GMail. The features being added are not as huge as the GTalk was but they are still nice to have. You will now be able to add smilies, create tables, insert images, and insert HTML into any message that you compose. Now, before you get excited and go to check it out I will let you know that not everyone has received these features. They must be doing these in waves just like every other feature they release in GMail. I am sure that once everyone has received the new features you will see a message at the top of your GMail Inbox that says “New Features!”. Until then just sit back and be patient…and check all ten of your GMail accounts every five minutes :) .

Note: We have no confirmation that the screenshots are real because there have been no other users at this point that claim to have these features.

Update: This appears to be the Firefox Extension for skinning GMail.

Googlified — Screenshot Gallery Of New Features