Everybody knew this was coming sooner, rather than later, and finally it’s here. No more teasing! Google has been slowly releasing Gmail all over the World, and now the process appears to be done.  When you click “Sign up for Gmail”, you’ll be taken to a page that looks like this:

It wasn’t that difficult to get an account previously, but it still required a little extra effort than it does now.  Despite the fact that it’s open to everyone now, Google still hasn’t taken it out of Beta. We’re still left to wonder when or if that will happen.

Source: CyberNet News Forum

–Other Google Stuff–

We’ve gotten a couple of emails today telling us to take a look at the Google logo. It’s their Valentine’s Day version (Happy Valentines day!), and at first glance, it almost looks like they’re missing the “l”.” People have sent messages saying things like “Can Google Spell?” Well, at second glance, they can. You just have to use your imagination a bit more. We’ve outlined the image below so you can tell where the “G” and “L” are.

Last year, there was no Valentines’s Day logo because the Winter Olympic Games were under way, but in case you’re interested, here are links to previous Valentines’ Day logos:

Thanks for pointing out the logo Adam!