One of the reasons I absolutely love Gmail is because of their spam protection. Out of every mail service I’ve tried, theirs without question, is the best. Sorting through spam mail is about as fun as being caught in the middle of bull running wearing red. Email services know this which is why they spend money and take the time to develop and implement technology to keep spam where it should be – in the spam folder! Yesterday on the official Google Blog, a member of the Software Engineer team at Google who focuses on spam gave a report on how they are doing in the spam department with Gmail. The graph below explains it all:

gmail spam graph

The red line shows all of the incoming messages that are spam, before filtering. Notice the general upward trend? Clearly more spam email is being sent out today than what was being sent out back in 2004.  The important line to look at though is the blue line.  This shows the number of messages that were reported as spam by Gmail users– meaning it made it to their inbox. That number has gone down significantly! This tells us that while spammers are working harder than ever, so is the technology that Google has in place because what they’re doing is working.

According to a video that the spam team at Google put together (below), the average person takes 5 seconds to identify and delete a spam message. While it doesn’t sound like much, all of those seconds can really add up which is why they work hard to fight spam.  They also point out how image spam can be difficult to catch. Thanks to Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that Gmail uses from Google Book Search, they’re able to identify those tricky image spam and place it in your spam folder. To sum things up, Gmail is hitting spammers where it hurts. Hallelujah!

Source: Mashable