One thing Google has really done a good job of is implementing a few unique features into Gmail that other mainstream email services don’t offer. To give you an example, IMAP support. Of course some services do offer it, but many, especially those that are free, do not. Not only does Google offer IMAP support for free, they recently “Turbo Charged” it and have gone above and beyond what many ever expected them to do when they requested such a feature.

This new “Turbo Charged” IMAP Support allows you to, as Google describes it, “fine-tune your Gmail IMAP experience.” By fine tune, they mean, you have the choice over which labels you want to sync in IMAP. This is really helpful for those of you who have tons of labels, or you get a lot of one mail sent to one particular label. Choosing which labels you want synced is as simple as checking and unchecking boxes.

imap controls.png

To access these advanced IMAP features, you’ll first have to enable “Advanced IMAP Controls” from the Labs section in Gmail. This is the same place you may have gone to enable those Google Goggles we talked about the other day. Once it is enabled, you’ll be able to go to your settings and configure everything the way you would like it to be.

Overall we’re impressed with this new Advanced feature! If you’d like to get more details about it, checkout the Gmail Blog to see what they have to say about it.