Remember those Gmail Labs features that Google launched back in June? They included features for Gmail like mouse gestures, the option to choose from additional star icons, and more. The great thing about all of these features are that each is opt-in so that only the additional features you want added, will be added to your Gmail account. Overall, Gmail Labs has received good reviews with people satisfied with what it offers, although there were requests for Google to create more features or allow users create their own.

Just yesterday Google released three more labs features, all having to do with labeling. They include:

  • Custom Label Colors – currently Gmail allows you to choose between 24 different colors for your labels. If those aren’t enough or you would rather make your own, you can create your own with this feature. You’ll be able to choose your own background color and text color.
    custom gmail label colors.png
  • Label Keyboard Shortcut – if you’d like quick access to your labels, simply press the letter “g” followed by the letter “l” if you enable the label keyboard shortcut. The “g” and “l” are short for “Go to label.”
  • Drag and Drop Navigation Bar – perhaps you’d like your labels above the contacts in the left Gmail sidebar? Now you can do that with the Navbar drag and drop feature. It’s simple, yet could be exactly something you’ve been looking for.

Are there any features you wish Google would release for Gmail that they haven’t already? To access these features, remember that you have to go up to the Settings tab, then click the section to the far right labeled “Labs.” Also keep in mind that not every country has this feature.