Google Talk The Google Blog just announced that you no longer need to have a GMail account just to use Google Talk. Users will have to sign up and register their email address but after that it is smooth sailing.

You may think that this isn’t that beneficial because most people who are willing to use Google Talk already have a GMail account. I really like that they did this because several of my friends are stuck using Hotmail or Yahoo (for some reason) and when I do voice chat Google Talk seems to be the clearest. Now maybe my friends won’t care so much about signing up for Google Talk.

Here are some of the things that you can do with Google Talk:

One other feature that I would like to see integrated into Google Talk is letting you simultaneously login with multiple accounts. That way I could pick and choose which email I give to people so that I can easily separate people into multiple groups. If I don’t want to talk to one group then I can logout of only that one. It is just an idea but I think it would be particularly useful now that people can use any valid email address.

Thanks Curtiss and Radu for the tip!

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  1. So finally they are opening up…. interesting development.

    Anyway, those using gmail will not shift I am sure.

  2. Well, it isn’t really those people who are going to want to shift…

    I’m in two minds about this. I like the idea of being able to talk to everyone on GTalk, but one reason I like GTalk is that there’s never anyone on it who I don’t want to talk to, or who bugs me. If anyone can sign up and add me (and maybe I would want to speak to them sometime) that factor of being swamped with contacts may rear its head again. The multiple account thing would be great, or just separate them into GMail and non-GMail at least.

  3. I was thinking about what you said about the GMail/non-GMail separation and that would work even better. That also stuck another idea in my head that maybe they should allow you to manually group your contacts and then you could appear offline just for a particular group.

    That would almost give me the same satisfaction as being able to use multiple accounts but I think the multiple account solution would be the best.

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