gmail notifier.png

I’ve tried all kinds of Gmail notifiers in the past, and many of them leave something to be desired. I have to admit that one of the more recent ones, Spiffy, is on the verge of being awesome. Spiffy is simple, and that is partially because it is available in a portable form. The rest of the simplicity comes from being able to configure up to 5 Gmail accounts in a few minutes.

It doesn’t stop there though. You can configure all kinds of visual aspects including text colors/size in the popup alerts and the Gmail icon in the System Tray. One feature you might enjoy is something that can easily be overlooked, and it’s the ability to display notifications for specific labels in your Gmail account. That may not sound too useful, but it can be for some people. For example, I have a “Work” label in my Gmail account, and some of my emails bypass the inbox and go directly to that label. With Spiffy I can set up my work computer to notify me of new emails to that label, but at the same time they will be ignored by Spiffy running at home since I don’t have that configured to check the Work label. That way I only see those emails when I’m at work.

After you have Spiffy running I highly recommend perusing the customizations available. With some tweaks you’ll be able to get everything looking just the way you want it to.

For the geeks out there: On my machine Spiffy’s memory usage would top out around 3MB. So it’s pretty easy on resources, too.

Spiffy Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)