Play A MP3 In Gmail

GMail now makes it easy for you to play those MP3 files without ever leaving your email. As soon as you receive an attachement that is in the MP3 file format you should see a link below it that says “Play.” As soon as you press that you’ll get a pop-up window and it will start playing the MP3.

This is a really great idea and originally stemmed from them allowing Google Talk users to send voicemail messages…since the people receiving the messages needed a way to listen to them. It is a great feature but I don’t see why they have to put this in a pop-up window. The MP3 player is so small that it could easily be placed right underneath the name of the file just like they do for images that are attached.

It will be interesting to see if they continue along this path of handling your files for you. Maybe when you receive an Excel file it will offer to open it in Google Spreadsheets or if it is a video you’ll just be able to watch it like you would a Google Video. I’m sure they’re getting there we just need to give it some time.

News Source: Google System