I think Google enjoys teasing everybody with Gmail. There’s always rumors and hints that give the impression that they’re about to open up Gmail to everybody.  Take for example the 2800 Digg users in December who Dugg an article saying that Google had opened the registration to everybody. That time, it was really only opened up in Egypt. 

This time, if you visit the Google and click sign-up, you’ll be taken to the page where you could use your mobile phone to sign-up.  On the bottom of the page they have a Frequently Asked Questions page which says “Can I sign up without the invitation code? Or without a mobile phone? By clicking on that link to get the answer, you’re brought to a page that looks like this:

Great news, right? According to the page, anyone in the world is now welcome to create a Gmail account.  Unfortunately, when you click on the link that they provide to sign-up, it takes you right back to the sign-in page. No such luck.

What this does indicate though, is that Google is definitely preparing themselves to open up Gmail worldwide, probably sooner rather than later.  The screenshot above shows that the page was modified on Monday, so I’m surprised that it’s Wednesday, and they still haven’t pulled it yet.

Thanks for the tip Curtissthompson!

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  1. I live in Romania and from here GMail is free from today (maybe yesterday evening). Something is changing… I hope in few hours/days it will be “public beta” all over the world.

  2. I am having no problems signing up and I am in the UK.

    The link that works for me is


  3. Google is notorious for rolling features out, so I’m sure this will be no different. In the next day or two I’m sure the whole world will be able to get Gmail without needing a cellphone. I’m just afraid that this will spark spammers to create accounts. Hopefully they have measures implemented to block this from happening.

  4. I don’t see the big deal. Nearly anyone who wants an account can get one, one way or another.

    And even if it is a worldwide public beta, it’s still BETA! When will they get the courage to remove the beta label from the name?

  5. CoryC wrote:
    it’s still BETA! When will they get the courage to remove the beta label from the name?

    Well, if they remove the BETA label, in case of other email-disparitions as in last months (60 cases) what else can they claim? A BETA product will always have excuses. :?

  6. quoting an Israeli news portal – the gmail sign-in is open all around the world, but the US.
    in the states the service is only available through cell registration(?) only, and will open up to all user soon.

    i do not know what their source is for this.

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