gmail redesigned.jpgI know that there are a lot of you out there who are using the Gmail Redesigned skin, and you’ll be happy to know that version 2 of the theme was recently released for all Firefox users. This new version includes a few dozen bug fixes, but more importantly they focused on increasing the performance. Gmail Redesigned 2.0 is almost half the size of the first one, and is actually available in three different formats:

  • Standard – This is the standard compressed version of the script. It will have to load all the images it uses (logo, buttons, etc…) from the developer’s website, which may or may not be something you want to rely on.
  • Embedded – This version is also compressed, but the big difference is that it doesn’t retrieve any of the images from the developer’s website. All of the images are embedded directly in the script using base64 URI’s. The bright side is that none of the images have to be downloaded, but this can hinder performance.
  • Developer – This is the full uncompressed version of the skin that even includes comments. It’s really geared towards other people who are looking to modify the skin.

Gmail Redesigned 2.0 also supports all versions of Gmail, both new and old, including the HTML-only view. Now that’s impressive!

Lifehacker has gotten around to updating their Better Gmail extension to include the new version of Gmail Redesigned, which means you can enjoy a refreshing Gmail interface without needing Greasemonkey.

The same developers have also released a dark theme for Google Calendar, and a Google Reader version is apparently on the way. Pretty soon all of your favorite Google products will be sporting a fresh new look!