I’ve always thought that Gmail has one of the best interfaces out there in terms of web-based email clients, but not everyone may feel the same way. In true Google fashion they are starting to roll out a feature where users can choose from 30 awesome looking themes that will give your Inbox a fresh new feel.

This new feature isn’t going to be part of Gmail Labs either. Once the themes have been rolled out to your account you should notice a new Themes tab in the settings. Alternatively this link will take you directly to the theme settings provided that it has been activated for your account.

Here’s a quick look at a variety of the themes available (notice the ASCII theme in the bottom-left corner):

gmail themes.jpg

Bravo Google! You’ve really out done yourself this time. Now there’s just one thing that would really put this over the top, and that would be if they create some sort of system so that designers can create and upload their own themes. I’m not going to complain though because the set of themes they currently have available is pretty amazing.

P.S. I have one account that has this feature already, and another that doesn’t. So be patient why this gets rolled out to everyone.

Read more about the new themes over at the Gmail Blog