gmail themes.pngBack in March last year, Google launched themes for personalized homepages that change with time and weather. The themes quickly became a hit and since then, they’ve added new themes and even launched an iGoogle Themes Directory so that people can create their own and share them with others. Now that they’ve got this whole themes thing figured out, it makes sense that Google would offer Gmail users the option to use a theme as well. It may be an option sooner rather than later if what Philipp Lenssen says over at Google Blogoscoped is true.

According to Lenssen, a source has told him that Gmail will be getting custom layouts soon. He says, “according to the source, the launch of this may happen within the next months. There will be 12 themes to pick from, according to this information, like a black-and-green “terminal” view, as well as a flowery view.”

There is already interest in personalizing Gmail with themes because many people do it with the help of Greasemonkey (using JavaScript) or Stylish (using CSS). What’ll be interesting to see is if the themes are along the same lines as those offered for iGoogle and will change with time and weather. It’ll also be interesting to see if Google comes up with an easy way to share elements of themes between iGoogle and Gmail so that they are tied together.

We’ll be keeping our eye out over the next few months for any signs of themes coming to Gmail…