GMail To Get Voicemail And Soon!

The same people that brought us the news of GMail’s new domain management feature have also found some other things in store for us. Voicemail and integration is what newly found features have been found this time.

The voicemail features are speculated to be an addition to Google Talk. It will allow users to leave a voice message for buddies who are not currently online. People also wonder if Google will implement some sort of speech-to-text feature to allow people to search voice conversations.

The final speculation is a partnership with, which is an invitation service. allows users to send out invitations for events and will let people see who is going to attend the party. It is currently a popular service that is used by many people to save money on the increasing cost of postage.

It only took about a week after the rumors of the GMail domain management service to become a reality, so hopefully we will find out more truth about these services soon.

News Source: ZDNet