Gmail Infinite

Google must not have been sitting too comfortably after Yahoo! announced their unlimited storage plans last week because they are apparently doing the same thing. Well, not quite the same because according to BBspot Google said that their storage will be “infinity plus one.” They then went on to say:

Once your Yahoo e-mail box is full, you’ll be able to transfer it to Gmail and add one more message. Those Yahoos will have a hard time beating that.

So how will Yahoo! beat that? Well, Yahoo (supposedly) responded saying:

We will be making an announcement shortly about our million-trillion-billion infinity storage. Neener, neener, neener.

Yeah, I know just as well as you do that there is no such thing as infinite storage right now. That won’t happen until scientists and engineers work together to create a storage medium that reproduces itself…which is just weird to think about. :)

I hardly use 100MB of my email account as it is, and that is just because of a few large attachments in some of the emails that I haven’t deleted yet. The only way that this unlimited storage is going to become useful is if someone offers alternative ways for people to take advantage of it, such as for file storage.

I’ll be perfectly content for the next few years with my 2.8GB that Gmail currently offers, unless of course video emails are the next big craze which could easily take up GigaBytes of room after a few hundred messages.

Oh yeah, and one more thing…why don’t these email services ever offer a button that says “email myself” so that it is a little easier to email yourself items? Sorry, just a random thought because I always email myself attachments, but I guess if there was a file storage solution I would use that instead.

Thanks for the tip Eric!