Gmail 5 YearsThe Gmail storage counter on the Gmail homepage was expected to stop counting on April 1st of this year. That is just a few weeks away and Google has altered the counter to run for another 5 years.

It’s a little disappointing to see that happen because April 1st is Gmail’s birthday, and many of us were hoping for unlimited storage at that point (maybe even GDrive). Now the counter runs until April 1st, 2012 and at that point it will hit 3.48GB of storage.

You can do the test yourself by opening up the Gmail homepage (when you’re not logged in) and changing your system clock. You should not have to refresh the page because the JavaScript being used to do the calculation will grab the new time immediately after you change it.

In case you’re wondering just how slow the counter actually is, we’re currently at 2.76GB of storage in Gmail and in June 2008 we will finally hit 3GB. I’m not complaining in any way because I’m only using 4% of my 2.76GB, but it was just something interesting to point out. It’s kinda funny that I say only 4% because it makes it sound like I hardly use my email, when in fact I have 123MB being used. Looking back at the whopping 2MB that my old Hotmail account had makes me wonder how I ever received more than two emails at a time!

On a little bit of a side note, I was also just looking through the Wikipedia article on Gmail and saw this interesting little tidbit that I thought you might like:

Before being acquired by Google, the domain name was used by the free e-mail service offered by, online home of the comic strip Garfield. This free e-mail service has moved to

Okay, now is Google going to do anything special for Gmail’s birthday like take the service out of Beta, or can you think of something else special they can do?

Source: Googling Google