GMail Updated With The Links Bar And Calendar Integration

With the release of Google Calendar, many people were awaiting the integration with GMail. Well, it is now available and can be found whenever you start to compose a message or receive a message with a date in it.

When you begin to compose a message you will see a link on the right side of the screen that says “Add Event Info”. This link will allow you to enter in the details of the event that you are inviting the recipient to. When the recipient receives the email it will appear as an invitation that they can decide whether they will attend, might attend, or will not attend the event. If they decide that they will or might attend the event then it will be added to their calendar.

Of course, if you don’t add the event information into the email directly then GMail will still offer the option for the user to add it to their calendar once GMail finds a date located in the body of the email. However, by not including the event information directly you will not be able to keep track of the attendance count.

Lastly, there is the Links Bar in the upper-left corner of the screen with direct links to the Google Calendar, Google Homepage, and GMail. Eventually this should be customizable as we saw it would be earlier in the year.

News Source: Google Blogoscoped