It never ceases to amaze me what the developer of the GMarks Firefox extension can come up with. It was good enough when it just put my Google Bookmarks in the sidebar but checkout some of the features that have been getting added:

  • Now remembers open/closed folders between Firefox sessions.
  • GMarks toolbar (with icon only mode) for those people who don’t like the clutter of the sidebar.
  • Organize GMarks window which is like the built-in bookmark manager. This is pretty great and I took a screenshot of it above.
  • Quick Add GMark Button which just adds the bookmark with no labels.
  • And the feature that I requested…Update URL! Now you can right-click on any bookmark, select “Update URL,” and it will set that bookmark’s URL to the current page that you are on. I wanted this feature because I find that URL’s are constantly changing and figured a quick solution could save me a lot of time. Thanks for adding this John!

This is no doubt my favorite extension for Firefox and is the first thing that I install with every Firefox installation. It gives me easy access to all of my Google Bookmarks wherever I go along with features that even the built-in bookmark management system doesn’t offer.

The developer is very active in this Google group so if you have an idea that will make the extension better you should stop by and say something. He also posts pre-release versions of the extension there for the early-adopters that don’t mind if it has a few bugs. 

Note: The extension can import your Firefox bookmarks so you don’t have to add them all manually.

GMarks installation page
Full list of GMarks features