All the talk these days is about how to go green and save green meaning help the environment and save money at the same time. There are super simple ways in which everybody can make a difference, it’s just a matter of actually doing it.  One way is by using GreenPrint, software designed to cut out wasted pages before you print which results in saved paper (helping the environment) and saved money (which helps you).

On their website, they say that GreenPrint was started “in an effort to end wasteful printing worldwide.” They offer both free and paid version with different features so that everybody can benefit.  Some of the features include:

  • Track the impact of using the software by viewing the dollars, pages, and greenhouse gases you have saved
  • Print to PDF

So what is it that it does? Well, it highlights unwanted content like banner ads and spaces and removes them.  There is also the option to remove unwanted images from a page before you start printing. Once all of the unwanted space and extras are removed, then you can print. They estimate that those who use the software regularly could save up to $90 each year and users combined could save millions of trees! Below you’ll find a few screenshots of what the software looks like, taken from their website:



As mentioned, there is a free version as well as two different versions that you’ll have to pay for.  Home Premium and Enterprise versions feature a quick-loading preview, and an advertising-free preview, among other things unlike the World edition. They have a nice comparison chart that outlines all of the details that’s worth checking out if you think you might want to buy. Prices range from $35-$40 for Home Premium and $70-$75 for Enterprise.  You can also purchase an EverGreen Font for $10 where the characters are designed to allow more words to fit on a printed page. For most of you, the free World edition will do the job, and that can be downloaded here.

Thanks for the tip Jack of all Trades!