Gobits Reader

Are you still looking for that perfect online RSS reader that fills your stomach with butterflies every time you use it? Make sure you give Gobits a whirl before you settle in because I have to admit that they did an amazing job of utilizing AJAX to make this RSS reader feel like a desktop application. Actually, it is also a smooth-operating email client but we’re not going to dive into that too much.

The interface is very intuitive and I think that they did a great job putting it all together, but it is missing a few things that I find essential in any RSS reader. One thing that I always need is the ability to show/hide items that I have already read. Looking through the preferences and settings led me to believe that this is not possible. This might not matter to a lot of people if you don’t read that many feeds, but I have hundreds of feeds that I filter through so it is a must.

My favorite online feed reader is still Google Reader but it does get frustrating when there are bits and pieces from all of the different online feed readers that you like. I wish there was one feed reader that mashed everything together, and my favorite thing about Gobits is the three adjustable width columns that make reading your feeds easy. Not only that but Google should integrate Google Reader into Gmail so that it is easy for everyone to access, much like Yahoo! has done with Yahoo! Mail Beta.

Hopefully some developers step up and make an online RSS feed reader that really blows the others out of the water, but for right now I just think that they are all okay.

Play with the live Gobit demo

Thanks for the tip odaniel!