I’m sure you’ve seen Snap previews before. You must have! According to Snap, over 500,000 blogs and websites use this service.  The pop-out previews are meant to be a tool that will give readers the chance to “preview” the sites that you’re linking to without having to leave the site.  In the end, it’s supposed to save reader’s time by helping them decide if they want to click on a link. For me, it just seems to slow everything down! There’s nothing worse that pop-outs, even if it’s not an advertisement.

 A lot of the sites that I read regularly use it, and I think it’s just one of those trends that bloggers are wanting to get in on.  Everybody wants on the bandwagon. I can tell you this much, CyberNet will probably never implement this.  It’s just one of those things that gets under my skin. I thought I was standing alone on this one until I came across this article this morning.

Yes, I’m not the only one that finds Snap highly annoying, and there’s even a way to disable it! Snap creators themselves have posted a very simple way to get rid of the pop-out previews.  They’ve created a cookie to download that will disable all of the pop-outs. Just click here to download that cookie, or you can visit the Snap website and do it from there as well. Remember, if you clear your cookies, you’ll have to go back  and download the cookie again.

As I was reading through the comments on the same topic over at Lifehacker, I noticed that a commenter “barron” says that you can now set CCleaner (free system optimization and privacy tool) to keep specific cookies so that you won’t ever have to worry about losing a cookie that you use regularly. This would prevent you from having to download the snap cookie every time your cookies get cleared. I haven’t tried this for myself, but it sounds pretty useful.

So, good-riddance to Snap previews. I’ve disabled it, and now I’ll be a happy camper. Any opinions regarding this? Is it more useful, or more of an annoyance?