Yesterday Google announced on their blog that they acquired Gapminder Trendanalyzer. The company seems to fit right in with how Google tries to collect and analyze data so the news didn’t come as too much of a shock. What is Trendanalyzer all about?

Their focus has been on gathering data and displaying it in a format that is easy to understand. Trendanalyzer is now available for you to play around with on Google’s servers, and after a short period of time you will quickly recognize patterns in things such as population growth. The number of pattern types that you can view is currently limited, but I’m sure Google will quickly begin integration with their services.

Take this representation of our population as an example. It shows circles across the globe representing the size of the population relative to the rest of the world. With it you are able to see the dense areas of population around the world, and you can see an animation of it from 1960 to 2004 by pressing the Play when viewing the map:


The whole service kind of reminds me of Worldmapper which we previously wrote about. The only big difference is that the service Google recently acquired isn’t setup to predict the future where as WorldMapper can.

I’m guessing that Google will either use this in their Google Analytics so that users can easily find patterns in their website growth, or they will put it to use in their Google Trends. I could really see this as an integrated part of the Google Trends because they could then breakdown the trends based upon regions around the world.

Google also announced a few hours later that they had also acquired AdScape, which puts ads inside of the video games that you play. This actually happened about a month ago, but I’m guessing they simply forgot to announce it.