Google Jotspot First I’ll start with Google’s acquisition of Jotspot. As if they didn’t get there hands on enough when they bought YouTube Google went and paid an unknown amount to buy the wiki company known as Jotspot. As Google Blogoscoped points out in the screenshots they took Jotspot already has the look and feel that Google services currently have. They are no longer letting people create accounts but one of the Jotspot developers was kind enough to provide a username and password in the Google Blogoscoped forums for users to play with it:

Username: sam (at)
Password: blogoscoped

I am very impressed at how easy the wiki is to use and edit new items. But get this…Jotspot already has their own calendar and spreadsheets available! From my recent trial there are a lot of features that Google definitely does better in their calendar and spreadsheets, but it is funny how there is a lot of overlap.

Reddit is also doing the acquisition dance because they were just acquired by Conde Nast, who is the owner of several magazines including Wired. Conde Nast doesn’t have plans to change Reddit which is important so that they don’t disrupt their current set of dedicated users. Now we all know that Digg will probably be very soon.