Google YouTube It has been announced that Google just bought YouTube for a measly $1.65 billion. That’s not really that much money, right? :)

There are several big questions that are in my mind now. The first being whether Google is going to keep the two services separate or not. In my opinion they should promote each individually just because of brand recognition. Despite the name Google being all over the place I think YouTube is synonymous with videos. Not only is it recognized all over the world but YouTube also has less syllables than Google Video…so it is easier to say. :) I know that isn’t very scientific but those are enough of a reason to keep them separate for me.

Apparently Yahoo! was also in the bidding but they were no match for Google’s checkbook. Does that mean all of Google’s competitors like MSN and Yahoo! are going to try and sweep up other online video services to gain some of the market share back? Probably but MSN hasn’t even opened their video service to the public yet so they are already way behind.

Despite Google recently saying that they weren’t going to develop any new services for a little while I guess that doesn’t exclude them from purchasing companies. :D

Thanks for the tip Curtiss!

Here is Google’s official press release. Looks like they are keeping all of the YouTube employees and the two services will remain separate. Thanks for pointing that out Nate!