Google Alerts

Google just added a new feature to their Alert System that will let you be notified when a blog post matches the search criteria that you specify. Up until now you could search things like the News and the Web but blogs are becoming an increasingly popular source for news…so they now let you receive alerts for those too. They also offer a comprehensive solution which will search the News, Web, Blogs, and Groups for the keywords you are looking for.

The notifications are done using email but you can customize the frequency. They give you the option to receive notifications once a day, once a week, or as-it-happens. If you’re a real news junkie then I’m sure you’ll be picking the as-it-happens even though there is a high possibility that you’ll receive a flood of emails, unless you really narrow your search. :)

Here are some easy-to-use hyperlinks to add alerts for CyberNet:

If you prefer to be notified of blog posts and searches via RSS feeds then that is also possible. Can gathering news be any easier?