Google Analytics Reporting Suite
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I don’t think that many people would argue that Google Analytics is among the best visitor tracking solutions available, but one of the problems is that you’re restricted to viewing the stats in your browser. The Analytics Reporting Suite will be the first program to bring Google Analytics, in its entirety, outside of your browser and on to your desktop!

I signed up early on to be part of the Beta testing, and I’m pleased to report that the first installment of invites has been sent out. The Analytics Reporting Suite runs on Adobe AIR, so you must have that installed if you want this to work. After using it for just a little while I have to say that I’m quite impressed with how well this mimics the online site. It even has the options to export your stats to various formats (PDF, Excel, and XML). You can also have multiple tabs open making it easy to switch between different types of stats.

Something I hope the developer decides to implement is an easy way to view the current day’s hourly stats. This is something Google Analytics made extremely difficult when they launched the new version earlier this year, and it has received a lot of criticism from the users. A simple "Today" button would satisfy me, and I would think that it can easily be integrated into the Analytics Reporting Suite.

New user registrations have since been closed for the Analytics Reporting Suite, but the site says that you can email the developer if you would still like to get in on the Beta. In the meantime you can play around with the Google Analytics Widget that he has already released which is nice for a quick overview on your stats.

Note: Both the Analytics Reporting Suite and the Analytics Widget run on Windows and Macs due to the multi-platform nature of Adobe AIR.