Google and Intuit Alliance

News in Googleland today is that they’ve joined with Intuit to form a long term alliance.  If you’re unaware, Intuit is probably most well known for QuickBooks, Quicken, and Turbo Tax which millions of people rely on. This new alliance would be used to help small business promote themselves with use of Google service.  These services would be built right into QuickBooks 2007. According to the press release we received,

‘Intuit is committed to partnering with best-in-class companies to help solve important customer problems,’ said Steve Bennett, president and chief executive officer of Intuit. ‘By partnering with a leading company like Google, we bring together Intuit’s strength in creating easy-to-use solutions with Google’s Web expertise to offer leading-edge online services to help small businesses attract new customers.’


Google Intuit Alliance

With more and more businesses taking advantage of the Internet as a way to market their product and services, this should come as a huge advantage to business owners.  Those using QuickBooks will benefit from the following services:

  •  Google AdWords to advertise
  • Google Maps (so that their businesses can be easily found)
  •  QuickBooks Product Listing Service. 

The Product Listing Service will be in Beta when QuickBooks 2007 is released and will help businesses owners let online shoppers know that they carry a specific product by making their inventory searchable on Google.

This is definitely one alliance I wouldn’t have suspected but yet one that seems so logical. Small Business are always looking for affordable ways to market themselves. When this service is released, it will be a easy convenient solution. I look forward to seeing how this new alliance is all worked out and how small businesses owners will benefit from it. 

Screen shots of the marketing tools for QuickBooks along with the search powered by Google that will be implemented are shown.  The official press release can be found here if you’d like additional details.