Microsoft and GoogleIn April after the announcement that Google was acquiring DoubleClick, Microsoft said “not so fast” and protested the sale saying that it would “hurt competition in the fast-growing market for advertising on the Web and raise questions about how much personal information would be collected by Google.”

Now Google is complaining about Microsoft’s Windows Vista saying that it stifles competition, in particular, with the built-in Vista searching capabilities which Google says interferes with their Desktop Search. Can’t we all just get along?

Google believes that Microsoft has made it too complicated to turn off the desktop search built into Vista which prevents people from using their free program. Spokesman for Google, Ricardo Reyes says “The search boxes built throughout Vista are hard-wired to Microsoft’s own desktop search product, with no way for users to choose an alternate provider.” And with this, Google is hoping that their complaint will show that Microsoft isn’t complying with the settlement for the antitrust case they were involved with in 2002.

Microsoft’s response to this is that they really don’t think that there are any issues with the desktop search, but they’re willing to “go the extra mile to resolve this issue.”

Also interesting is that Google filed their 49– page complaint just a few days after Microsoft complained about the Google/DoubleClick deal. It appears as though both Google and Microsoft are way too concerned over who has more power. So is Google’s complaint valid, or are they just at each other’s throats again as part of the on-going battle between the two of them?

Source: AP [via Yahoo]