Google Android Right now the Mobile World Congress is going on in Barcelona, and sites like Gizmodo and Engadget are there taking in all of the gadget goodness. Google Android is, as expected, a hot topic of the show. Although still early in development there are some devices available that have been whipped up to serve as a development platform.

Before you get all excited I should let you know that there’s nothing yet that will leave you in awe. Gizmodo’s video demonstration of a device does open the browser, but there’s currently no way to input information so that you can actually browse the web. Heck, most of the prototypes available at the show are still just screens attached to circuit boards, and have yet to be placed inside any sort of casing.

I was hoping to see some more of the touch-screen goodness that we saw in the previous video demonstration provided by Google, but that device apparently wasn’t available at the show today. I guess we’ll have to leave all of our iPhone comparisons for the future. What are your initial impressions of the Android platform?