A few weeks ago when Google added the color-coded labels feature to Gmail, one of the first things that I thought about was the fact that this feature wouldn’t be available in our Google Apps account. We use Google Apps to manage our email account for CyberNet, and while it’s nice and works great, we’ve always said it would be nice if Google were able to offer the same new features they’ve been adding to Gmail.  It looks as though we just might be getting these new features after all because Google just added an option in the settings which you can check to “turn on new application features to my domain.”

google apps for domain

The issue of adding the new features came up in the Google Apps Discussion Group in the beginning of December where someone inquired about how/if they could get the new Gmail features in their Google Apps account.  A Google Apps Advisor responded and said  that there are a lot of exciting changes with Gmail and that they wanted to make sure everyting was running smoothly before the made those features available as a part of Google Apps. Shortly after that topic was started, another one was started which said “We’re Listening: New Features for your users.” Google went on to say that they’ve been listening to the feedback and now they’re ready. Google Apps users can opt into the feature to “turn on new application features to my domain.”Just note that while this option is available, it won’t instantly work.

Several people in the Google Group discussing the new features said that after opting in to turning on new application features, they still didn’t have them available (like the color-coded labels). We opted into it but haven’t noticed any of the changes yet either, so be patient, it’s coming.

Source: Lifehacker