GoogleappsGoogle has just added an addition to their Google Apps Service.  It’s called Google Apps Partner Edition, and it was designed specifically for ISPs and portals so that they can offer their customers everything that Google Apps has to offer like branded Gmail.

For example, my Internet provider is Mediacom.  Currently they offer their customers email service –  If they were to use Google Apps Partner Edition, Mediacom would be able to offer the same email service through Gmail, and they wouldn’t have to worry about managing the servers for the email, and the staff to keep it running. Users would also have all the other applications and services like Google Talk, Google Calendar, Docs & Spreadsheets, and more.

This helps Google expand to the market that they’re trying to attract. Most of the people that I know who use the email addresses offered by ISPs do so when they’re new to the Internet and don’t have an address to begin with. This would help introduce new users to Google and all of the services that they have to offer.

The partner edition is much different in the fact that there’s not a price set per user account.  Currently with the Google Apps Premier Addition, businesses pay $50 per user account per year. I imagine the pricing for the partner edition will be a set price per so many thousand users or something on a larger scale like that, depending on the situation.

And while we’re on the topic of Google Apps, I just noticed on the Google Apps page that they have “Email migration tools” listed as a feature that’s coming soon. I’m sure the issue of what to do with users’ existing emails is enough to keep small businesses and schools from making the switch to Google Apps because as it stands, the transition isn’t seamless. This would make it seamless, and that much more attractive for new partners.

Source: Beta News