Google Base has revamped their homepage and it doesn’t seem that different to me. In fact, one thing that they did do was remove the search box which really puzzles me. Now I have to click on a category in order to pull up a page that allows me to perform a search. Alternatively I can receive a search box my selecting “My Items” from the upper right corner of the screen but you have to be logged in for that to work.

Google is centered around being able to easily search data but I think this greatly hinders the ability to quickly perform a search. Here is what the Google Base Blog had to say about eliminating the search box from the homepage:

One of the other changes is that we removed the search box from the Base homepage. In its place we’ve added more examples of popular and interesting item types — like car parts and filmography — to let Google Base providers get a sense of the wide variety of data they can post on Base. You can still search all the items on Base from your Active Items dashboard.

It was only the homepage that received the visual update and I have to say that I am a little disappointed because of the whole search box thing.

That makes me wonder though, are there any other Google pages that do not have a search box? Maybe this is the first one (with the exception of login pages). ;)