Google has a list of topics that are banned from appearing in their AdWords program.  It’s written in their policy that words relating to alcohol, fireworks, cigarettes, prostitution, and a handful of others are off-limits.

BBC is reporting that another topic has been added to the blacklist. Anything to do with essay writing services or term papers will be banned starting in June.  While you’ll still find plenty of sponsored links and ads including words like “term paper” when you search Google, they won’t be there for much longer.


The reason for the addition to the blacklist is that Google has received complaints from universities who are concerned that the integrity of degrees is compromised after students use custom essays that they obtain from the Internet, which often times are plagiarized. They say that plagiarism “devalues” higher education.

Universities and professors are clearly happy with this announcement because it means that these sites will have a harder time getting customers. A perfect example of this is an essay company based in the UK that receives a whopping 80% of their customers through Google. They’ll certainly be hurting once Google bans them.

So, starting June 1st, no advertisements will be accepted from companies looking to attract people to their sites with the use of AdWords to purchase term papers, essays, and dissertations.