Google Bookmarks Firefox Extension

I love using Google Bookmarks because they allow me to keep my information private and at the same time I can access them wherever I go. Google made accessing the bookmarks easy for Internet Explorer users because they put it on the Google Toolbar but Firefox users were not so lucky.

I’m glad they didn’t put it on the toolbar because that made people want to create their own extensions to work with the bookmarks. The Google Bookmarks Button Firefox extension is the absolute best out of the ones that I tested. A new version was just released today and the updates are great!

Here is a list of what’s new in this release:

  • Uses Firefox dialogs for adding/editing Bookmarks instead of opening a Google webpage. (Pictured below)
  • Drop down menu for selecting labels from the existing ones on add/edit dialogs.
  • Rename/Remove labels
  • Import Firefox Bookmarks
  • Favicon support (can be enabled in the Experimental tab located in the options)
  • Label hierarchy! This is the coolest thing because now you can have subfolders by designating a certain character!
  • Context menu “Add this link to Google Bookmarks” option when right-clicking on a link.

Google Bookmarks Firefox Extension

This is my absolute favorite Firefox extension and I am glad that the developer, Pau, continues to work on it. It’s the first thing that I always install in a fresh Firefox installation and it looks like it will continue to be that way. Thanks for another great release Pau!