In the past, Google has been criticized for offering so many services yet not really integrating them together. iGoogle is the closest thing they have had to meshing services together by offering users the option to add gadgets including those for Gmail, Google Maps, Google Reader and more. The only problem is that these gadgets lack the features that you would get if you actually went to the homepage like Gmail or the Google Reader site.

Google has just recently started to address this problem in the new version of iGoogle which is available to a few random people. If you aren’t one of the lucky ones chosen by Google, you can still get access to the new iGoogle by simply pasting the following in the address bar after you go to your iGoogle page:


Once you do get access to the new iGoogle, you’ll notice a nice, near full-featured, full-screen version of Gmail and other gadgets available to you. With the full-screen gmail, you’ll see that you can now switch between your Inbox, Trash, Spam box and Starred mail. You can also mark items read or unread, and even archive them. The only thing it looks like you won’t be able to do is apply labels to your messages.

iGoogle full gmail.png

Don’t mind the green, it’s just there because it’s part of my iGoogle theme. From the image above you can see that it looks almost like you’re viewing Gmail from Gmail, yet it’s actually iGoogle.

Other full-screen gadgets available include the weather gadget. They show you all kinds of weather information now. Another nice thing is that you can view individual feeds full screen. This is great, but we’re just waiting for when the Google Reader gadget is full screen and more full-featured, along with Google Calendar.

If for any reason you want to go back to the older version of iGoogle, go to and then enter the following in the address bar:


Source: Google System