Google in iowaWelcome to Iowa, Google. Land of hogs, corn, and yes, CyberNet News. Google continues to spread their data centers all over the United States with 36 different locations, and the latest one will open up in the Spring of 2009. It’s expected to cost a whopping $600 Million, and will be built upon 55 acres in Council Bluffs, Iowa (Western part of the state). While 55 acres will be used, Google purchased a total of 1,185 arces so that they have room to grow.

According to my local paper, Iowa Lawmakers passed a bill that would “exempt electricity and capital investment requirements from sales tax for computer-related business.” Iowa really wanted Google to come here, and so they did everything they could to make it attractive like giving them a decent tax break through 2024. On the other hand, Google will give a nice boost to the economy with 200 jobs paying around $50,000 on average, and $65 million in property taxes spread-out over the next 15 years. They’ll also pay approximately $6 million in sales taxes that will come from the building supplies needed to build their massive center.

If they’re willing to head to Iowa, there’s no telling where they’ll go next. Anyways, welcome to Iowa Google. It’s not that bad of a place to be.