GooglecalendarmobileGoogle Calendar fans have yet another way to put their calendar to good use! Now the calendar is available for mobile devices so that you’re able to keep track of your schedule from both the computer and your phone.For those who have multiple calendars, you’re even able to select which calendar that you want to view.

The announcement on the Official Google Blog explains that all you have to do to access your calendar is go to from your mobile phone.  Then you’ll be able to see all of your events including the details (time, location, description, etc.).

This is just another way that people are able to access all of their important, needed information away from the computer. I believe Google will continue to release mobile versions of some of their most popular services and applications, and add to their existing list which includes Gmail Mobile, and Google Maps for Mobile.

It works on a variety of phones, and it’s perfect for those who use their phones regularly to keep themselves on track and organized.The only downside is that for now, it wasn’t released as an application like they did with Gmail Mobile, and Google Maps for Mobile – it’s just a mobile web interface.

Source: Thanks for the tip Cory!